• Project-Fi-is-official
    Google officially announces its Project Fi in the US markets: Images and Video

    The Mountain View based search giant Google has officially announced its Project Fi MVNO in order to offer the wireless service in U.S. by making use of cellular networks for T-Mobile and Sprint. In addition to this, this project would also use the Wi-Fi networks whenever available. According to this new technology, the subscribers would…

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  • Samsung-goes-all-futuristic-with-a-flexible-smartphone-that-becomes-a-bracelet-or-is-it-the-other-way-around
    Samsung gets patents for futuristic smartphone that could turn into a display

    Well, the Korean tech giant Samsung has been working for its OLED powerful displays and its famous AMOLED displays are seen in many of their premium flagship handsets. While researching this display technology from over past few years, the company has also received patents for different futuristic ideas that could possibly turn into real handsets…

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  • Next-gen-battery-mobile-devices
    Google X Labs said to be working on next-gen battery for smartphones

    Last week a report in the Wall Street Journal came up with the news that a group of four persons in the Google X Labs wherein testing of third party batteries is being done. These section of Google works in making of new battery technologies so that the company can use it in its own…

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  • transfer-photos-from-iphone-to-computer1
    A Quick Guide on How to Transfer photos from iPhone to PC and vise versa

    For all the die-hard iPhone fans, undoubtedly their iPhone is the most happening device for them! However, knowing the fact that iPhone has just the internal storage and no microSD card slot for expanding its memory, it sometimes becomes difficult for users to manage their entire stuff like music collection, important files and documents, movie…

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  • Microsoft-Hoop-by-Coloud-headset
    Microsoft announces cool new Hoop by Coloud headphones for its Lumia handsets

    Computing magnate Microsoft has teamed up with a Swedish audio accessory maker Coloud to announce its new headsets for Lumia handsets called as Hoop by Coloud. The headsets have a pretty cool design and are the in-ear ones designed keeping in mind the users with active life style built such that it could “handle your…

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  • Google-devises-tablet-for-Doctors-working-with-Ebola-patients (1)
    Google devised an Ebola-proof tablet

    The Ebola virus has caught the world with huge tension and nervousness. The virus has a major dominance in the African and has already cost many human lives is spreading very fast. In order to collect data in the areas hit with Ebola, the doctors made a special request to technology giant Google to make…

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