• SlideLock-Android-header
    Steps To Get iOS Like Lock Screen & Notifications On Android

    There is always a tug-of-war between iOS and Android as to which OS is more user friendly and offers more features. However, one would agree that both of the share their own pros and cons whether it is related to interface security or choice of apps. Scroll Down for the video Here we are to…

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  • Firefox-29-beta
    Run your Web Apps as Native Android Apps via Firefox 29 Beta from Mozilla

    Last month we has spotted that Mozilla had declared its own Firefox Launcher for Android. Now, users who must have got familiar with this must be knowing that that they are facilitated to install web apps from the Firefox Marketplace on an Android device. However, the installation doesn’t involve a conventional method though a shortcut…

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  • white-apple-logo-wallpaper
    Apple iPhone: Journey so far

    In what can be considered as the greatest historical event in the tech world, that redefined the concept of smart generation mobile devices, is the birth of Apple iPhone in January 2007. Steve Jobs in 2007 introduced to the world one of the most fascinating gadget on the planet that came with some overwhelming features…

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  • android-apps
    Our pick for the best free apps for Android

    Existence of life is not possible without water is very much parallel to existence in the smartphone era is not possible without Android. Arguably, Android is today considered as one of the most celebrated mobile OS in this world and has made its home to various smartphones of almost every mobile making company on the…

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  • Few Simple Steps to transfer contacts from Android to iOS

    Well it’s always a great news when you get a new phone and especially if it is an iPhone. But the biggest worry that follows on changing the phone is transfer of contacts. Well, once you are using iOS there are many authentication protocols that come in place. Getting the VCF files for contacts from…

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  • PhotoLab
    Add filters to your Windows Phone 8 images through PhotoLab

    If you own a Windows Phone 8 and are fond of photography, PhotoLab is the right app that could cater to all your photographic needs and make the experience of photography with your Windows Phone 8 much more cherishing. Shine up the photographic talent in you with PhotoLab that provides nearly nineteen stackable filters giving…

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