• Windows-10-for-phones (2)
    Windows 10 for phones: Complete details

    Earlier this week, Microsoft went out with a press conference detailing its Windows 10 showcasing many new features and its new web browsing Project Spartan and the much special VR headset HoloLens with Windows Holographic. Now that Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 will cater to all the segments with switching modes for laptops…

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  • android stops updates
    Google stops updates for older Android versions

    Sad news for the Android community. It would seem that people who are using devices with Android 4.3 or older won’t be getting firmware updates anymore from Google. This was revealed by three Android experts who found vulnerability issues with the Android 4.3 (Jellybean) update. Android expert Rafay Balock and Rapid7 tech engineers Tod Beardsley…

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  • No-joke-Samsung-files-to-patent-a-smart-glove
    Recent reports show Samsung to have filed patents for smart glove: Images

    Wearable technology is slowly turning out to be the next big thing in the smart tech industry. Over the past few years, we have seen considerable advancements in the wearable smart device segment may it be the growing market of smartwatches or fitness bands or the much talked after the eyewear technology Google Glass. Last…

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  • Your-selfies-will-come-out-looking-perfect-with-this-Windows-Phone-app
    Here is an excellent selfie app for Windows Phone users

    Capturing selfies with smartphones has turned out to be quite a “happening” thing amongst smartphone users over the past year. And surely who would not love to capture themselves with such ease. Moreover, many smartphone manufacturers are also proving good resolution front-facing cameras for taking high quality selfie images. It a great news for all…

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  • Android Auto
    Rumor: Android M to bring cars its own Android devices with Google services

    Its just now when all major smartphone manufacturers are planning to get their own flagship handsets with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update and now we have the first rumors for the next Android version the Android M. Over the years, Google has managed to have a significant dominance in the smartphone and tablet segment and…

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  • Tylt-announces-sweet-new-V-wireless-chargers-for-large-screen-smartphones-like-the-Nexus-6
    Check out the VÜ wireless chargers from Tylt for large screen smartphones

    Most of the smartphone manufacturers across the globe are now shifting to large phablet sized devices of 5.5inch and 6 inch. Earlier, Google too announced its 6inch flagship the Google Nexus 6 that comes with some good high-end specs. However, for such large screen devices, charging has always been a key matter as the large…

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