• work-1
    Google officially launches its Android for Work

    At the last Google I/O Developer conference, the company had discussed about Android for Work that has been officially launched now. This features facilitates employees to bring their own tablets and smartphones to work. At the work place, a secured container has to be opened that would allow users to access Google Apps which are…

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  • Samsung-LoopPay-mobile-payment-system
    Korean tech giant – Samsung buys mobile-payment system LoopPay

    Since long, there were long rumors going on about Samsung coming with own mobile payment soon and putting a competition straight against Apple Pay. The company had been in talks with LoopPay which is based in Burlington. The mobile payment system has been successfully tested of Samsung mobiles and now the Korean giant has recently…

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  • Apple iOS 8
    Apple to release iOS 8.3 and iOS 9 public betas

    Recent rumor shows that Apple Inc. is reportedly planning for releasing the public beta versions for the iOS 8.3 and iOS 9. The information can be more or less accurate as it arrives from “multiple people briefed on the plans”.  This could prove to be a big change in developing iOS software. Till now, only…

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  • Apple-finally-granted-patent-for-a-VR-headgear-that-it-filed-back-in-2008
    Apple receives patent approval for VR headset filed earlier in 2008

    Everything seems to be going right for Apple Inc. these days! The company has managed to surge to higher levels of progress last year with the launch of iPhone 6. Just when the VR headsets are gaining popularity in the tech industry, a good news for the company is out there. Apple has recently received…

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  • 8K-main
    Reports: Mobile devices to get 8K displays by next year

    Recent reports coming from the industry show that next year the mobile devices could get a taste of whopping 8K displays. Today, a new video has already permitted 4K and 5K(iMac) displays to fit within the laptop screens and even all-in-one PCs. These beautifully packed pixels in the 4K and 5K make the image resolution…

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  • apple-aa
    Apple likely to bring new OIS technology to cameras

    Cupertino giant Apple seems to have applied for one more patent which shows it to be working on a new optical image stabilization system for cameras of its mobile device that make use of the complex mirror-to-mirror technology known as “mirror tilt actuation”. This is said to be the next step to OIS. According to…

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  • Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-9.52.03-pm
    Turn your smartphone into a Laser Pointer with this accessory: Video

    These days, smartphones are very commonly used in many corporate companies for making presentations. However, the idea wherein your smartphone can prove as a Laser Pointer really sounds to be great. Well, a new accessory called as iPin is now available that help your smartphoe to work as a Laser Pointer. This accessory can work…

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