• unnamed
    Send money to your friends and family now through Facebook Messenger

    The social networking giant Facebook, seems to be coming up with new idea and now the company is introducing a mobile payment facility through its own messenger app called as Facebook Messenger. The company as such was working on this feature back from March,  and today the social giant has rolled out this payment options…

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  • dxo-one-5
    Take DSLR-like photos on your iPhone with DxO One

    One of the major USPs of the iPhone is its camera. Extremely good image outputs are one of the major reasons iPhone loyalists love their smartphone the most. An photographic enthusiast would certainly argue that nothing can match the quality of images produced by DSLR handsets. Though it is certainly true, you cannot carry every…

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  • baggizmo-3
    Baggizmo is the new Kickstarter project – An all-in-one bag for your gadgets

    In today’s world, when variety of tech gadgets are available at affordable costs, an average tech has at least two-three smart gadgets like a smartphone, a tablet and any other smart gadgets besides. In order to accommodate all your smart gadgets at a single place nicely, a new Kickstarter project from Croatia presents Baggizmo –…

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  • Apple-Music-and-Beats-1-radio
    Apple Music streaming service goes official

    Apple’s first footprint into the music industry was with the launch of iTunes and the first Apple iPod. Now, after purchasing the Beats Audio a year back, the company has officially announced the streaming service Apple Music. Thus outing up an head-on competition to Spotify, and transforming the Beats Audio into its own Apple Music,…

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  • Health-will-integrate-third-party-apps
    Features of the watchOS 2 announced for the Apple Watch

    In addition to announcing the iOS 9 and the Apple Music streaming service, there is a major announcement coming from Apple for the Apple Watch owners which the watchOS 2. The new OS has been released to add more features to the Apple Watch giving an additional access to developers to explore the hardware of…

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  • iOS 9
    What you need to know about Apple’s latest iOS update the iOS 9

    Earlier this week on Monday, Apple made three major announcements – iOS 9, watchOS 2 and the Apple Music. The latest iOS upgrade the iOS 9 which Apple calls it to be “most advanced” has some major improvements up-the-sleeves. So let’s get to know what Apple’s iOS 9 has to offer! iOS 9 is now…

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  • photos-header
    Google Photos is the company’s new official photo app

    In addition to few major announcements that took place at the Google I/O event last week, the search giant also announced its first official photo editing and sharing app called as the Google Photo. Google has launched this app with the aim to get all your images in one place from where it is easy…

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  • io-2015
    All the key announcements at the Google I/O 2015

    It’s the time of the year when all the tech nerds across the globe sit on the edge of their seats to hear some very exciting announcements from Google at the Google I/O event. Well, this time too Google kicked of the Google I/O 2015 event with much noise giving the glimpse of some major…

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